GTA's Core meeting - October 26th 2022

GTA's Core meeting - October 26th 2022

We had a short meeting (50 minutes), because the small number of initial participants (many last-minute drop outs). We focused in upcoming events, here are some short notes. We also suggest having the next core meeting of November in 15 days, to be able to cover the rest of the topics of the original October's agenda. Proposed date: Wednesday 9th November - 2pm UTC.

PARTICIPANTS: Ashish, Lina, Mauricio, Simon, Amy, Alex, Hans, Franco, Arturo

Core Team Gathering ideas

  • Core meeting Colombia won't be possible in February 2023. The national meeting of Crianza Mutua Colombia is not confirmed and the energies of the group are dispersed.
  • Agreed to focus on the physical gathering Assembly, at mid 2023. We need to focus more on that organization. Especially date and venue, to be able to point our potential participants to be there. July or August would be the timeframe. We need to seek potential hosts: in Europe or Kenya (ask Simon).
  • Consider a whole day virtual gathering of Core Team. Maybe incorporate the dynamic of one in person and one virtual per year. Invite potential new weavers to assist.
  • Run a weavers gathering in December, a virtual session similar to the one we had one year ago. Include the 4 weavers.
  • Maybe it is possible for the small meeting of some Weavers members to be in Chiapas in February?. Crianza Mutua Mexico and Crianza Mutua Colombia would have a specific conversation about this.
  • Virtual event by MASSA with the participation of VS, in 3-5 November. More information to be shared soon.
  • Create a list of members of Weavers to involve in the Assembly space.

List of potential events (nothing confirmed yet)

  1. virtual weavers gathering (december 2022)
  2. virtual gathering of the core team, whole day (to be defined)
  3. meeting in Chipas between weavers members (feb 2023)
  4. GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives assembly in mid/2nd semester 2023, around 40-50 persons. Around the half coming from the Weavers, 4 or 5 representatives (we expect to have 5 or 6 weavers by then).

Next core meeting:

Wednesday 9th November - 2pm UTC