Climate Change Fiction: Marine ecosystems and climate fiction from South Asia (episode 3)

Climate Change Fiction: Marine ecosystems and climate fiction from South Asia (episode 3)

Date: 6th April 2024

Time: 1pm GMT/6:30 pm IST

About the episode

Accelerated anthropogenic climate change poses a serious existential threat to dwellers in the marine world, besides the fisherfolk and inhabitants of coastal areas. The melting of land ice in Antarctica and Greenland, leading to rise of ocean levels, besides the deleterious effects of acidification on marine ecosystems, may soon reach a tipping point if adequate mitigation is not undertaken soon.

In episode 3, writers and activists from South Asia will share their creative responses to this ongoing crisis, which may eventually lead to biosphere collapse if such trends are not reversed.


Tarun K. Saint: Tarun K. Saint, independent scholar and writer, was born in Kenya, and has lived in India since 1972. He is the author of Witnessing Partition: Memory, History, Fiction. He has edited the Gollancz Books of South Asian SF (vols. 1 and 2), and co-edited the cli-fi anthology (with Francesco Verso) Ecoceanic: Southern Flows, among many other volumes.

John Kurien: John Kurien is a reflective practitioner who has related closely with fishing communities around the world for five decades.

Vandana Singh: Vandana Singh is the author of Utopias of the Third Kind, as well as a physicist & transdisciplinary scholar of climate change.

Kaiser Haq: Kaiser Haq is a poet and professor of English at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, and his latest collection is The New Frontier and Other Odds and Ends in Verse and Prose.

Soham Guha: Soham Guha is a bilingual SF writer from Kolkata, India. His works have appeared in various English and Bengali publications, with two debut novels published and soon-to-be published in Bengali and English respectively.