Center for Civil Diplomacy in North and East Syria

Recently, the Center for Civil Diplomacy in North and East Syria, have been working on several issues:

From the organizational point of view: We are working to create a platform for civil diplomacy in all of North and East Syria that includes many civil society institutions and includes a large base that includes members of professional unions, cultural and ecological institutions, municipalities, universities, the union of religions, etc.

By establishing this platform, we will be able to achieve the societal change that we aim for, and expand the network of relations and mutual support between community institutions in North and East Syria and their counterparts abroad.

As for the projects, now we are working on holding a series of lectures (via Zoom) in cooperation with the Global University for Sustainability and the Synergia Institute. Important and hot topics will be discussed in the regional and global arena, such as democratic confederation, how to create alternatives through Self Administration, women's issues, economics, geology and ecology, and many other topics that concern us.

All the lecturers are public figures from North and East Syria who are actively working in the Rojava Revolution Square. There will be participants from several countries in the lectures. (We are pleased to invite you to attend the lectures as listeners).

We are participating with some community institutions by sending some delegations to regional countries and preparing for conferences on issues of democracy and the promotion of coexistence.