Post Growth Institute

Post Growth Fellow, Emilio Velis, publishes his first article about cultivating a post-growth relationship with knowledge in the digital age.

The Offers and Needs Market (OANM) is hosting free, pay-what-you-can, monthly virtual events! Please join us on Wednesday, April 26 for the next OANM. In this event, the Post Growth Institute will guide you to articulate your offers and share your needs with other attendees. Your passions, skills, profession and community can all serve as a source for generating your offers and needs. Share as much or as little as you'd like, and meet interesting people from around the world. Two separate sessions will be offered on April 26 for the two hours beginning at either at 10 AM PDT/ 17 UTC or 3 PM PDT/22 UTC. Register for free (contribution is optional).

The Post Growth Institute will be part of the Decolonizing Economics Summit (April 20-22nd). Members of the PGI will be leading an Offers and Needs Market at 7pm PT on April 21st (which will be the morning of April 22nd for some of you). Read more about the Summit and register here: