Assembly #10 - 17/10/2023

Assembly #10 - 17/10/2023

Date and time

  • Date: 17/10/2023
  • Time: 1pm GMT
  • Duration: 2 hours


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  • Check-in and sharing
  • Physical Assembly in Kenya - overall report & video
    • Working groups that have emerged:
      1. Dictionary of Concepts
      2. Common Declaration
      3. Toolkit for Weaving
      4. Learning Exchanges
      5. Virtual Assembly Facilitation Planning
    • Thematic groups that have emerged:
      1. Democracy
      2. Learning
      3. Food and Agriculture
      4. Health and Healing
      5. Peace and Conflict Resolution
      6. Solidarity Economies
    • Dedicated Womxn's Assembly
  • Updates from GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives - Upcoming activities and events
    • PeDAGoG and LFAF: plans going forwards
  • GTA Assembly members' updates and potential support/involvement from GTA
  • Learnings, suggestions for improvements and appreciations
  • General announcements


Facilitator: Vera

Participants: Mugdha, Vera, Priscilla, Vasna, Franco, Madhuresh, B.Parry, Justin, Melanie, Steven, Carlos, Ana Cecilia, Alex, Donnie, Simon, Seno, Liepollo, Virgnia, Marco, Sujatha, Marina, Ryan, Fredrike, Sutej, Belen, Farias, Regina, Dennis, Jenito, Suzan, Natalia, Maria, Agostine, Nourshan, Iris, Mushuk, Jaal, Regina, Raquel

Note-taker: Mugdha


Check-in and sharing

We did a round of quick introductions

Physical Assembly in Kenya - overall report & video

  • Vasna: The Kenya Assembly was very important because we were able to gather so many people together! The Facilitation Team were able to meet up, followed by the bigger gathering of 4 days.
  • Both Weavers and Endorsers were able to share about their spaces, and we also discussed how to take the GTA forward. The continued affirmation of GTA as a process was emphasised, but we also asserted the importance of having that ownership and support in whatever capacity. We saw more active and engaged working groups. We also acknowledged the need for meeting as much as possible, making regional and/or thematic integral to our process along with mobilising different groups.
  • We had the opportunity to meet many surrounding communities and groups, and it was important to ground ourselves in the land and the people.
  • We thus want to create spaces for care, and for growth. There is lots of work to be done to make sure we create a anti-racist, anti-sexist space for sharing, and create policies for zero-harassment and subtle occupation of space.
  • Franco: We have been storing all our AV recordings we've been sharing over the past week in this google drive folder: Marco and I have also been creating different videos as well, one for internal use (6 mins) and one for public viewing (10 mins)
  • We have also been storing some of the other outcomes such as press releases and articles in the same webpage. So if anyone has also written something, please share!
  • We also invite you to collaborate on a report for the memory of what happened day by day, we're trying to create a unified report through the minutes taken.
  • Virginia: created a little blog, sectioned in 6 themes:
  • Vasna: All the weavers were able to attend, and the work put in by them to hold different spaces was much appreciated, as well.

Updates from GTA - activities & events after Kenya assembly

Planet Local in Bristol
  • Ana: Regarding the conference in Bristol, I was really impressed that people from different political parties, even people not from our side, were participating in the gathering. I really liked the interest and the way we organise. People are intrigued to know more about Weaving, how much we can achieve by not having so much control. I was reflecting on how we don't try to impose ideas within the process.
Degrowth Conference in Zagreb
  • Alex: At Zagreb, unfortunately some of our members who were planning to come couldn't make it. Thankfully, Vera stepped in and did an amazing job, and Marta was there too! I took the task of presenting the slideshow. Some were people who had never heard of GTA, so the presentation included the GTA's history, origins, and work. Following that, we walked outside and did an interactive session around the themes we had discussed in Kenya, conducting breakout groups based on the themes that emerged during our Kenya gathering. Marta was a bit surprised about the groups, because they are not exhaustive, so there were some doubts about that.
Report 3
  • Mugdha: We recently published a volume titled Stories of Regeneration and Resilience. This volume brings stories of communities resisting and building transformative alternatives in conflict regions, war zones, exploitation, suppression and violence, all manifested in varied forms.

Our stories have been republished on the Resilience platform, and thanks to everyone who has been amplifying this doc!

GTA Assembly members' updates and potential support/involvement from GTA

  • Nourshan: The meeting in Kenya was very useful for us to understand the injustice within our situation in Rojava. Our next meeting in Rojava comes from understanding how to make our common struggle stronger. The past few weeks have been difficult because of the many violent attacks, especially intense air attacks that we have been subjected to. A large part of the infrastructure in the Autonomous areas is completely destroyed, including some schools and hospitals. There is no internet, no energy, no water. In order to stop these attacks we launched a signature campaign to gather support, and we were able to collect over 200 signatures.

We are now working with many different societies and systems, to combat this situation, across North and South Syria. Watch this video please!\_

And more info about the signature campaign can be found here:

On October 24, there is also a digital symposium between Rojava University and Bighampton University.

  • Melanie: My participation in GTA is MFMT, and Solidarity Economy Networks. We're talking about the use of technology in warfare. Also, this weekend is a gathering held by US Solidarity Economy Network (USSEN). GTA's example will be raised many times. A space for trying to build our power in collaboration.

Also, here is a link in relation to any campaigns, in addition to the mobilization re: Palestine:\_1697547662\_168

  • Madhuresh: FYI some of our colleagues from Africa, and SouthEast Asia are joining the Thematic social forum on extractives in Semarang, Indonesia as we speak. More information can be found here
  • Eva: We recently shared about our learning of how to build these assemblies, and this handbook about creating community-led, power-with Assemblies may be useful for other people! If anyone wants to talk specifically about tackling political change across assemblies, I'm here to connect!\_u8WVVg6nn2z8mmcwSLb45EMQ/edit?usp=sharing
  • Ryan: We have 2 updates from MASSAMovement for Alternatives and Solidarity in Southeast Asia (South East Asia). We shared a lot about what happened in the Kenya assembly. There is a sustained engagement across civil societies, especially seen in the gathering in Jakarta. We aim to foster new solidarity groups across the regions. MASSA will also be gathering at the end of the month, and we will be hosting some representatives from Vikalp Sangam as well! We have over 60 participants so far, and hope to share some insights. We are trying to consolidate MASSA as a regional network moving forwards.
  • Andrea: We have been trying to hold the next Crianza Mutuas meet, possibly in December. We want to know about everything happening in the Valley, and continue to reinforce our steps forward.
  • Mauricio: Since we have come back, we are planning a meeting to share about our experiences in Kenya for the many people who weren't able to come. All the experiences are very fresh, so in November, we'll be meeting to share all our stories. We would love to open the invitation to anybody who would love to connect. We also are talking about new regions, which are important. Along with that, we really need hope in light of the complexities of the elections coming up!
  • Sujatha: The Vikalp Sangam Core Group's annual meeting is in November, about 35 organisations. The agenda includes a draft manifesto for the elections held in India next year. This manifesto will be presented to the Core Group and see how it can be used, not just for the elections, but also after the elections. We'll also be having a special discussion on how to celebrate 10 years of the VSVikalp Sangam (India) process, perhaps hosting a bigger festival!

Along with that, there is a small 3 day workshop on grounded alternatives happening in January. We are specifically offering the space to rural youth from Maharashtra (western India). Many opportunities are given to the urban spaces, but not enough to rural areas. We're in the process of planning that, currently.

Working groups

(introduced by Franco)


There were 5 different groups that emerged at the last day of the Assembly, which identified specific intentions. These are all in different stages, currently; some are already working informally, helping out to craft and opening out to others.

Dictionary of Concepts

Common Declaration

Toolkit for Weaving

  • We want to learn from different Weavers that are already working with alternatives, and try to create materials to facilitate the creation of tools for new weavers.

Learning Exchanges

  • Connecting different regions and exchanging ideas of Weaving, and have a dedicated space to coordinate this interchange.

Virtual Assembly Facilitation Planning

Thematic groups

Main doc: **\_mXQ1ANnvA3YA3Hlc4GkQvA2qn\_N3Nw/edit?usp=sharing**

Groups suggested:

  • Democracy
  • Learning
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Health and Healing
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution
  • Solidarity Economies
  • Franco: We also discussed having 6 thematic groups. We didn't have time to go further in this discussion, so they are more vague in terms of definition; before self-organising, they all should have a meeting to define their objectives to create specific content production.
  • Mauricio: I'm particularly interested in Food and Agriculture, I'd like to offer myself as a facilitator. We could organise an initial meeting to see how we can get together and move forwards. Maybe we could hold webinars and GTA activities, a public meeting regarding food and seeds so that each country and each weaver can share something; but also, we need to think about how to go forward with this process. Perhaps a meeting at the end of October? Recently, we held the Defense of Natural Corn, and the situation of seeds is critical, which we need to publicise because certain international spaces are making the survival of local seeds very hard.

Dedicated Womxn's Assembly

  • Eva: The Womxn's Assembly convened in Kenya, and some of us created a small group, to make the womxn's assembly happen online. This is a de-patriarchal space, our emphasis is on getting to know each other first. We managed to get some interpretation and had a very fruitful meeting. We also discussed the situations in Rojava in detail, and created the basis for a public letter asking for signatories. There is the small group meeting again next week, to think about what came out of the first assembly, and deciding the next one. It is a bit emergent at the moment.
  • Vasna: The Womxn's Assembly started very spontaneously, and people signed up then; these were the people who came to the last Womxn's assembly. Please let Mugdha and Eva know if anyone is interested as well! This is specifically a gender inclusive space.

Funding Updates

  • Madhuresh: We had raised a lot of money, and quite a lot was into travel and visas, along with some going to community facilitation. The total ~$152K raised, ~$126K spent. We received money from the Global Green Grants fund, Lush foundation and Full Circle Foundation. Plus endorsers including WoMin, Greenpeace, and a number of people paid for their own travel and many others contributed in different ways. It was a very rich and collective space. And a big thanks to SALT! We had some money left, but it is being used for documentation and other tasks.
  • Franco: Most of the resources this year went to the Kenya assembly, on which we are in the process of reporting. Now, we are applying for a 3 year cycle, planning for a physical assembly in 3 years, and also hosting regional gatherings that allow us to connect in closer ways. Plus, we're planning for more resources for weaving activities and tools. We don't have these resources yet, so if anyone knows of potential funders very very welcome to tell us. Some of our members are at the EDGE Alliance Encounter in Berlin, We are being as transparent as possible, so please contact us for questions/suggestions.

Updates from GTA- Upcoming activities and events

  • Vasna: We're putting out the next periodical on reflections on the recent Kenya assembly, so please share any pieces!
  • Mugdha: Have a look at our latest periodical here:
  • Possible dialogue of Weavers between MASSA and VS
  • Some people from GTA will be participating in the Academy for Democratic Modernity event in Switzerland, in November, and we'll be having discussions on radical autonomy and continuing this into the next year as an event.
  • The WSF is happening in February 2024, and if there are any activities we would like to host, or would like to collaborate on, please reach out!

PeDAGoG: plans going forward

Vasna: This space is under the umbrella of the GTA, involving people who are interested in different ways of learning. In this process we organised several webinars. But participation has dwindled so much that we're thinking of revisiting its existence. PeDAGoG: Post-Development Academic-Activist Global Group ->

Steven has been very active in this process for a while. The thematic group on Learning can perhaps join? Is someone interested in facilitating and anchoring this?

Steve:I actually work with LFAF centrally, and I think there is still interest in that, but I haven't really investigated the existence of PeDAGoG.

Melanie: Could Pedagog plus the Learning Exchange plus Learning thematic group be one effort?

Mugdha: Also please find information on the latest two-part series on “Travellers' University: An Introduction and the 52 Parindey Fellowship” here:\_university

GTA Assembly members' updates and potential support/involvement from GTA

Mauricio shared a very important video with regards to the ongoing conflict around seeds in Mexico by Vandana Shiva:

Words of Vandana Shiva to celebrate and defend the Maize that is present in the daily life of our peoples and represents a very important part to continue protecting our traditional knowledge.